psychotherapy and hypnotherapy in swindon

My Name is Gary Smith.

I am a Psychotherapist specialising in Anxiety, Phobia and Trauma related problems in Swindon, Cirencester, Cricklade, Purton, Highworth, Fairford and Lechlade. 

I am the Founder of Best Mind Therapy based in North Swindon. 

My work involves helping people with a variety of conditions, using different techniques, including Neuro Lingustic Programming, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Solution Focused Therapy, hypno EMDR and Hypnotherapy. 

Hypnotherapy has proven extremely effective in reducing Anxiety, which in turn helps to reduce the effect that a Phobia or Trauma has.

Whilst working with many clients, it became apparent to me, that anxieties were often multi layered and needed to be peeled away one by one. As the level of Anxiety is reduced, the more able they became to deal with every day life. 

At times reducing a Phobia, Trauma or memory from the past was the key to starting them on the road to recovery.

Over time I have developed a specific Phobia and Trauma Plan.  This helps Clients reduce their level of Anxiety related to their concern. This is carried out in a relaxing way, without even needing to know the details of any Trauma that may have happened.

I work with adults and children from around the age of 8 (I always assess the suitability of any children to ensure they are suitable for the process).

I run a very busy practice, Best Mind Therapy, which deals with a wide range of issues. Please visit the website for details or other concerns you may need help with.

Gary Smith Dsfh Hpd AfSFH (Reg) MNCH (Reg) CNHC (reg) PHA (reg)

Clinical Psychotherapist and Hypnotherapist

Parking is free of charge, so no need to worry about finding a space in a busy carpark. My location has easy access for all clients in Swindon, Purton, Highworth, Shrivenham, South Marston, Cricklade, Cirencester, Royal Wootton Bassett,  Fairford and the surrounding areas.


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